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I did a benchmark on my cpu and i wonder: Is it normal for the cpu utilization to go from 100% to around 70% in 1 second and then go back to 100 again?
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  1. No. In fact it does that in milliseconds, 100 times in 1 second, but no tool will visualize that.
  2. Yes, it just means another part of the system is busy and the CPU had to wait or the software or OS told it to idle for 30% of the last second.
  3. Is it bad for the pc?
  4. Gotland14 said:
    Is it bad for the pc?

    No it's not bad for the PC. It is common for the CPU utilization to jump up and down when under load. The only thing that might be bad, is if you have poor cooling and your CPU is constantly very hot (80< degrees C) then it may shorten the lifespan of your CPU.
  5. Okey thanks!
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