What Motherboard should I get?

I was looking at a couple motherboards for a new gaming PC, but they all were $200-300 and I am on a budget. I REALLY don't want to spend any more than I should, but I don't want my motherboard to bottleneck any other computer parts (if that's possible). Let's say I have an i5 3570K that I want to possibly overclock in the near future but not right when I get it. For GPU: Powercolor's 7870 MYST Edition, for RAM: 8GB (2x4GB) Corsair Vengeance 1600mHz DDR3 240-Pin SDRAM Dual Channel, a PSU that supplies enough power and a 1TB Hard Drive. Thanks in advance.
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    I'd recommend either one of these

  2. For a quality gaming/oc'ing motherboard, you are correct in assuming a $200 and up price point. However, here are a few alternatives:

    These are but a few that can be had for less than $200.

    Just remember to get a chipset capable of overclocking (which all of the above have)

    Another thing to consider is if you have a Micro Center near you, you can really get some bang for your buck by getting your cpu and mobo together, would allow you to get a higher quality/better features motherboard.
  3. @animalthe chipset you're talking about is Z87, Right?
    Can you OC as much as the Z87 with the Z77?
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    oc'ing ability is mainly dependent on four things:
    1. Luck of the draw (not all cpus, even those from the same production batch, overclock the same
    2. Whether you have allowed enoughheadroom in your PSU wattage......oc'ing draws more power
    3. How good the motherboard's BIOS is (or add-on suites)
    4. How well the cpu (or whatever you are wanting to oc) is cooled. (can't oc with stock cooler, will need an aftermarket one, either HSF or AIO water cooler)

    edit: all the motherboards I referenced earlier are socket 1155 (z77)

    As far as whether z77's oc as well as z87's, the point is moot.....the cpu you specified is a socket 1155 which will use the z77 chipset, the z87's are socket 1150, so not compatible with your cpu
  5. Thanks animal, I was confused about the whole z77/1155and z87/1150 thing. BTW what does BIOS stand for?
  6. BIOS = Basic Input/Output System. This is the firmware that comes pre-programmed onto the motherboard, which is what allows all of the various parts of the computer to work together.

    Thanks for the best answer.
  7. Thanks for everything animal, I think I'm going to go with the cheapest one of the ones you showed me. You're 100% sure it wouldn't bottleneck my system, right?
  8. generally speaking, the motherboard does not cause a bottleneck, bottleneck occurs when there is a significant mismatch between the cpu and gpu, which in your case I do not believe to be an issue.
  9. OK Thanks again for everything, as I said I'm on a budget and really didn't want to overspend.
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