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Hy people ... i wanna ask something i have a pentium 4 2,8 ghz 4 gb DDRAM 2 and a video card Nvidia Gt 220 1gb ddr3..if i would change windows xp to windows 7 will affect my game performance...if i change xp for win 7 will improve games performance ?
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  1. No, in order to get better performance you need to upgrade your hardware. Most likely, all of it.
  2. Not really. With that old a rig I recommend staying on XP.
  3. i wanna buy a I5 ddram 3 (6 gb ram) and shappire radeon(sry if i mistake the name ) video card but that on 16 December :D...but right now i am happy to play split second on max and sniper ghost warrior 2 :)..and ty i will remain at windows xp
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