Can I upgrade to a Radeon 7770 with this system? Please help.

These are my specs:

Operating System
Windows Vista Home Premium 32-bit

Intel Core 2 Duo E4500 @ 2.20GHz

2.00GB Single-Channel DDR2

Acer MRS600M (Socket 775)

256MB ATI Radeon HD 2400 PRO (Sapphire/PCPartner)

Power supply
250W PSU

And I'm upgrading my ram to 6 gigs if that helps

If I cant get that graphics card what is the best one I can get Budget = £90, or will I have to get a whole new system.

Thanks for the help.
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  1. unfortunately the CPU wil bottleneck the card big time. your best bet is getting a new system, and selling this one. plus that PSU is too low to support a 7770 as it probably doesnt have a 6 pin PCie connector
  2. With that PSU id say you'll have to settle for a 7750, its got a very low TDP and get all its power from the PCI express socket, no external adapter needed. Id also go with the Sapphire ultimate version as it has passive cooling.
  3. So my options are get a new CPU and PSU or a new system?
  4. My honest suggestion is to get a lower graphic card if you are investing for anything less than serious gaming. On the other hand, if you really want to game, I do believe, you are gonna need a new system to go with the 7770
  5. So what is the best graphics card I could get with this setup? The 7750? I'll mainly be playing games like Napoleon Total War and Shogun Total War.
  6. Best answer
    Both of those games are CPU heavy, you might find it difficult to achieve smooth play no matter what graphics card is installed-although such games are not 'twitch shooters' so low frame rates are more acceptable.
    Top pick on the card is the HD7750 unless you add a stronger power supply. Probably the best match for the system and your requirements would be the new HD7730/GT640, though.
    Older, maybe cheaper, cards are not better for power consumption, the reverse is true, with each generation cards get more powerful AND use less power!
    Only add 2Gb of memory, a 32 bit operating system cannot use more than 4Gb in total.
  7. Thanks, I think i'll see which option is cheaper, PSU and 7770 or 2gb of ram and a 7750.
  8. Lord Of Time And Stuff said:
    Thanks, I think i'll see which option is cheaper, PSU and 7770 or 2gb of ram and a 7750.

    Id go with the 2 GB of ram and the 7750
  9. That's what I'm doing. Thanks
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