Cannot run as administrator , cannot start safe mode, cannot access my admin account

Hi there,
I am running Win 7, suddenly noticed, I cannot log on my account. Tried to boot in safe mode, but some Cyberlink manager said, there is no image. Tried to log on with another account, but cannot start any program as administrator. So I cannot change my registry. Cleaned computer with AVG, some suspicious software found and removed. But still cannot log on with my account nor run as admin, What ca I do??
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  1. Reinstall windows and always run the virus scanner in background this time?
  2. Hi,
    now I tried to run several scans by AVG. Suddenly I could start safe mode. Immediately renamed my BAK listing under my account in registry and voila. Did not need to reinstall win (have as well no original CD, althoug bought with licence). Now it is working, so far. But thanks anyway.
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