Windows 8 memory leak issue... 176 MB of 8 gigs says 100% usage

Hi, I have noticed a few forums that skirt around the edges of this Windows 8 memory problem, but have never found an actual fix so I wanted to ask about it here. I recently purchased a new Acer Aspire V3 772G-9821, running Windows 8 with 8 gig installed RAM. I have an Intel i7 processor, GeForce GT 750M, and 1000 gig hard drive.

The error I am getting is a low memory error, where Windows claims it is using almost 100% of the installed 8 gigs of ram, but in reality there is generally only about 176 MB being used. Right now I've reset it a few times and its dropped to 28%, but clearly that is still not right since under task manager I am currently using 480 MB of 8 gigs.

This seems to be a common problem, but nobody has been able to address it correctly. I've done some digging, but couldn't find anything definitive.

Here is a screenshot of the current usage... when it does it at 100% the computer is unusable. I have no idea how I dropped it to 28%. I just reset the computer a few times.
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  1. That's the wrong tab. Please post the memory details from the Performance tab

    Here is the performance tab. It says roughly 25% is being used, but under processes barely anything is being used and it drastically slows my machine.
  3. You posted the CPU details, but I asked for the memory details. Anyway: all the 8GB is recognized, only 25& is in use and you will not see waht is uing it, if only look at the user programs, but ignore the system processes. If something is slowing your machine, it is definitely not the memory.
  4. Here is the memory detail let me know if anything else would help. When it is working fine it never uses more than 1-3% when nothing is running other than firefox.
  5. Sorry, but there must be a total misunderstanding here! 25% memory usage is totally ok and nothing to worry about. Windows will never run with 1-3% memory usage! You may have mixed that up with the CPU usage?
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