Need Help Finding Computer Storage Under $150.

I'm looking into building my first computer, and need to know what storage I should get. I know next to nothing about computers, so I need help.I'd like the computer to be under $150, but that's my absolute top. The cheaper the better, but not taking away the power. So basically the best bang for your buck. Would the Western Digital Caviar Blue 1TB 3.5" 7200RPM Internal Hard Drive for $58 (I don't know if there is a reason it's so cheap) be good? Thanks a lot!
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  1. Personally, I won't buy any HDD that isn't a Western Digital, I've had 10+ and only 1 drive failure due to extraneous factors. 60 ish dollars is about the right price for a 1 TB drive.
  2. Okay Thanks! So you think I should get that and it will be good?
  3. I would highly recommend a WD drive, and assuming that it meets your space requirements, I believe it will be perfect for you.
  4. Thanks so much!
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    Glad to help, please pick a best solution to solve this thread.
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