need help overclocking x4 965BE on GA-970A-D3, only 1 core overclocks with multiplier

Trying to overclock the 965BE on a GA-970A-D3. Been through the bios time and time again upping the multiplier to gain an overclock. Once I apply the multiplier, if I go back to Bios and view the system status, it says that all 4 cores are overclocked. Great. Trouble is, when I boot to windows, cpu-z, open hardware monitor and AMD overdrive all report that CPU Core #1 is the only core overclocked, and the other 3 are at stock speed. Looking for some guidance here as I am a noob.

To get around this, I have upped the bus speed to 224 instead of 200 to achieve 3.8GHz on all cores, I am just wondering if this may damage the other components of the system long-term? Also, anyone know why increasing the multiplier only affects 1 core with this board? A google of "overclocking only applied to 1 core" shows a group of MSI owners with similar troubles... but no one ever gets to the bottom of it.
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    when you try to overclock with this board, you must cool your vrm..
    because this series have no heatsink in vrm area..

    you may add this to your vrm..

    What is your current Heatsink..?
    Don't ever use original heatsink when you overclock your processor, the heat almost unbearable..
    cm hyper 212+ is best performance for budget overclocker..

    Update your bios to the latest..
    Sometimes, old bios has a bug..

    Then do overclocking again..
    you can read this article ..
  2. Quaddro said:

    Thanks for taking the time to reply.
    I think my board is rev 3.0 because it has a heatsink on the vrm and the bios version is FD. I've got a zalman cooler that keeps the cpu near 60 under max load (@3.8GHz). Is there another way to check the revision of the motherboard? I used gigabytes @bios to update the bios.. I didnt have any other choices other than FD, so I assume I'm on the latest one meant for my board..

    From the guide you linked, it seems like its okay to use the bus to overclock, so long as it's passing prime95 for a while. I still dont understand why applying a multiplier in the bios only affects a single core. Interestingly by applying a multiplier using AMD overdrive, it will stick for 4 cores (although I have read not to use this software).

    For now I am sticking to the bus overclock. Hoping that's safe in the long run. Any suggestions?

    Edit: yep its a rev 3.0, just checked on the motherboard.
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