Using an old HDD with new SSD, Should i format HDD?

I just upgraded my mobo and cpu last night and picked up a new ssd as well. I have windows 8 running on the new ssd and booting from it with my old HDD hooked up as a secondary. I am wondering if i should reformat my HDD as it has all of my old files, games, and windows 7 on it or if it will be fine to leave as is.

msi z87-g45 mobo
gtx 660ti
8 gigs corsair ms3 dd3
sandisk extreme 120gb ssd
seagate 1tb hdd
corsair 650w psu
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    You can do either, leave it as is or format it. If you don't want both OS's then format the old one and use that HDD for storage, and you will have some extra storage space.
  2. its fine to leave as is if you want. Be sure to disconnect it when you are ready to install windows to the ssd.
  3. Thanks to both of you, I went ahead a formatted. Figured i would just start fresh and reinstall all my lesser used programs to the HDD. Is it possible to transfer the program files and program files(x86) to the hdd?
  4. Yes but almost all of them won't work since their registry and other hidden files entries wont be in the fresh install
    You can use it as a guide for what you need to install.
  5. No, they will not work as they are installed on other drive. So you have to install the programs on your desired drive.
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