Should I wait until next year for Gaming PC?

I say this because, most of the games I want to play are coming out in 14-15. I want to be able to play these upcoming games in high fidelity and on 1080p. I wouldn't mind if all I would have to do is upgrade my video card, so please note that. I just don't want to have to upgrade motherboard and cpu again.

Looking to spend 1500 us dollars on PC.

Games out now that I want to play:
The Secret World
Age of Conan

Games I want to play in the future:
The Division (Summer 14)
Everquest Next (14/15?)
Star Citizen (14/15?)
H Hour: Worlds Elite (Dec 14 - Jan 15)
Star Wars: Battlefront 3 (Summer 15)
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  1. If what you have now runs what you are playing now then wait.
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    With the budget, I'd prob be shopping around Black Fri through Xmas, will be great deals in the time period, after that may be waiting a bit till the Maxwell GPUs come out for some price drops
  3. When those games come out, your PC would already be 12-18 months old.

  4. I'll go on another route here, I believe you have so much excess money. If you want to spend, and upgrade now, then do it. I believe by then, you have enough money to upgrade again. Sell the old rig, buy a new one. ;)
  5. So if I get the i7 4770k, I should be fine 2yrs from now?

    Also, I have no computer right now. I sold it for some cash for ps4 or pc.
  6. Yep, would expect for more than 2 years ;)
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