Computer Restarting (possible GPU or PSU failure)

So basically as of two days ago my computer has been randomly restarting. It boots up into windows 7 just fine. This has happened under stress (gaming) and while just browsing the internet. My temps have not gone above 37C(monitored from speedfan). It also happens at random intervals, sometimes 5 minutes, or an hour, or a day.

When I checked for the issue in windows action center it presents the following message: "A problem with your video hardware caused Windows to stop working correctly."

The motherboards on-board GPU works just fine. So im wondering if it's
the GPU itself, or possibly it is not receiving enough power (no idea).
Currently running:

Will provide any other information as needed, Thank you!
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  1. Try using the PSU on another rig bro. I believe it's your PSU.
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    It may be many things but first uninstall your GPU and take it off your system. First to test whether or not its the GPU, second, if the problem persists with the onboard GPU, you can always put your 660ti in the box till you fix the problem. Note that, reinstalling the GPU can also solve your problem !

    If its not your GPU then move on to RAM. Take the RAM (s) out, clean them golden legs, check anything wrong if the ram slot on the mainboard before putting the RAMs back (in different order)

    If its not even your RAM then it may be your Software : let it be your Win7 or your graphic drivers.
  3. Alright! I'll give these a shot, it may take a while to get a result since the issue can stay dormant for a day or two sometimes.
  4. Alright as of now it seems to be the RAM thank you!
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