I am buying Sony Vaio F series laptop for gaming purpose.It has 15.5 screen & 1366×768 resolution.Well , it has 1 gb nvidia

Graphic card query
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  1. If you're asking if you can change the GPU....no, you can't. That is part of the tradeoff of buying a laptop.
  2. and you cannot upgrade CPU either.

    Laptop CPU and GPU have lower performance than similar desktop version. Mobile processors have lower voltage to avoid excess heat since laptops have poor cooling.

    Have Sony E-series laptop with i7 and radeon 6690 graphics. It gets hot and fan is noisy during gameplay.
  3. No Friends...I am asking that would 1 gb VRAM enough on 1366 × 768 Nvidia GT 740 or I need to buy one with 2 gb VRAM..all other config being same? ..to play all games in medium settings. At least..Is 2 gb vram honestly required at that resolution?
  4. No.. I am asking that should I go 1 gb vram or 2 gb vram model of nvidia geforce GT 740 at the resolution 1366 × 768 of 15.5 inches screen..will 1 gb vram enough to play all games in medium settings...& 2gb vram will be waste of money?
  5. Those are about $1200 or so right?

    For $1100 or so I like the sager np7330 with an i7 and GTX765 and a full HD screen while weighing less than 2 kilos. Sure it's only 14 inches but it's light and has some killer gaming power making it a good travel laptop.
  6. Don't put description as title. All I see in the title is:

    "I am buying Sony Vaio F series laptop for gaming purpose.It has 15.5 screen & 1366×768 resolution.Well , it has 1 gb nvidia "

    and the desciption: "Graphic card query"

    Nothing in the description or the entire post mention about 1gb or 2gb of vram.

    To answer your question: if the price is about the same, I would go with 2gb vram.
  7. Sorry for putting description as title..I am new to site......No friends price is not same 1 gb vram model F15318 & 2 GB VRAM model F15319..... price diffrence is around 250 USD..Please tell is it worth spending those 250 USD for that 2 gb ram ....Will 1 gb vram be sufficient for 1366 × 768 resolution..or will it be short...if 1 gb vram will affect the gameplay..then in what manner? & please you all GODS of GPU world tell me what exact diffrence in performence 1 gb/2 gb VRAM will make? And also please tell me that will NVIDIA GEFORCE GT 740 will be able to play all games with 1 gb VRAM, 4th gen i5 4200U, 4 gb system ram?
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