5.1 sound support out from hdmi

has anyone been able to get this to work ?
optical out works , but not hdmi as it only supports 2 channels
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  1. How many channels do you need? What are you connecting it to? You have settings to change every time you switch to HDMI. Go to Control Panel/ Hardware and Sound/Sound and select your HDMI device as Default device.
  2. I have done all that. I am looking to get 5.1 sound. The HDMI is driving a new LG 55" tv.When I set the properties
    there is no choice it just shows 2 channels with no way to change it.
    ( i can drive the TV with a bluray player and it works. Also if I drive the TV audio with Optical out and that works as
    Again I see many others complaining about this same problem and just ask if they need different drivers but I have tried
    3 different setups with the same result.
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    I understand that you connecting 5.1 system to Blueray player, using blue rayas amplifier. If the sound coming from TV mixed for Surround, it will work, if not- then not. I have some movies that would play in surround sound, and some- just stereo. HDMI is encoded signal, and surround should come from the source. The TV will not encode it for you. The movies are already encoded.
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