Can't choose between these 2 laptop specs

Hi, Im looking for a powerful computer that i can run games like Minecraft without lag at my budget of $450

The ones i have found are the Asus K55n DB81 Which has

A8 4500m 1.9ghz quad cores
6gbs ddr3 ram
Amd Radeon HD 7640g

The other is a Dell Inspiron with
i5 3337u 1.8 ghz
4gbs ddr3
Intel Hd 4000 graphics

Also, if they could both run it without lag, can you tell me which one is better overall?
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    They perform closely, the 7640g is a performs better than the HD 4000 so if you wanna the first option would run minecraft better. For everyday use, the i5 outperforms the 4500m by a little bit.
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