I have a gateway dx4380g-uw308 desktop. Will hd7770 graphics and a 450w PSU help my gaming experience?

So I have this gateway dx4380g-uw308 desktop. I bought it because of my limited budget and it has worked well for games up to this point. However, I recently decided that I wanted a little bit more and ordered some new hardware. I ordered a new GPU - hd 7770 and a new PSU to feed it. With everything else stock, is this setup going to be efficient for running games at decent frame rates? This system came with an a6-5400k APU and I don't have the money for another cpu at this point. I'm assuming that the dedicated hd 7770 card will override the built in graphics and the apu will in turn operate as a cpu, solely? Also, is this a relatively straight forward upgrade, install and start? Or what else will be necessary? I'm primarily confused by the relationship between the apu and gpu. Thanks, John.
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    Yep, the APU should disabled once you install the GPU. And if it doesn't you can always go into BIOS to disable it.

    I don't know what sockets are compatible with the mobo, but the best socket FM2 CPU is the Athlon 760k

    It won't run newer games too well, but low-medium settings shouldn't be a problem. Dual cores aren't good for gaming anymore so that CPU will hold you back in newer games for sure.
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