Please build pc for 400 Eur. Gaming

Please help me and build a pc for gaming for 400eur, i define Intel but AMD is fine to.
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  1. What country do you live in?
  2. I live in Lithuania :)
  3. yeap Prices in Lithuania are a bit bigger.. :) I dont realy understand why.. :) Bu i define more likely AMD build, and i think this kind of build is more powerful then intel in these 2.. ;)
  4. Thanks for help i guess i will stay over AMD i will get more money and i will bay amd fx build with 8320cpu, Becose i have old GPU card and i need only mb,cpu,psu,and ram, coz other components i have it will be good for start.. ;) But still thanks for you time.
  5. I have old Gigabyte Redeon HD6670 1GB gddr3 128bit
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