Windows 8.1 install on Sata drives, need to find sata drivers

i have a Gateway fx6710-01 that is 2-3 years old, specs are here for reference:

I am having trouble installing Windows 8.1 (have also tried Windows 7 with same exact problem) on the Sata drive and have wasted about 8 hours trying everything I can think of.

I run Windows 8.1 setup from a boot disk. In the setup, I have 2 Sata drives that are both recognized. I have been able to format and partition the drives with no problems.

Windows installs all files without error, but after the first reboot I get the error:
The computer restarted unexpectedly or encountered and unexpected error.

Then is prompts to restart, which I do, but the same things happens again and again, so its stuck in a loop.

I have tried to do a Windows refresh and reset, but I always end up with the restart loop.

Once when I tried I recovery I got an error that the pc crashed on loading of ntfs.sys, probably indicating an issue with the sata controller driver?

I had similar issues last time I tried to refresh the OS a couple years ago. I eventually solved this by using the Load Driver option during Windows install (on the screen where you select the driver to install Windows on) instead of using the default driver supplied on the Windows install disk. However, i have since lost the drivers. Any idea where I can locate the drivers? I am assuming I need the Sata controller driver - is that correct? If so, where would I find it. Gateway doesn't have a driver page for the PC, so no luck there.

I have also tried various Bios setting and current have the sata drives running in IDE mode.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!!!
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    Here's the link for the drivers of your system:

    Download the Chipset Driver dated 05/31/2011. Extract the file after you download it and copy the folder to a USB thumb drive.

    When you get to the "Load Driver" option of the Windows install then load the drivers from the USB drive.

    If you are installing the 64 bit version of Windows 8.1 then load the drivers from the folder named x64.
  2. The intel g33 express chipset drivers are built into windows. If you've changed the sata mode so that it is different than when you installed it then you need to run startup repair from the install disk.

    If its still the same then you should disable automatic restart so we can find out your error message. Win8 should be the same as win7
  3. Hi Dereck47, thanks that helps a lot. My only problem now is that the download you mentioned contains over a dozen driver that look like they might be possibilities. Here are photos listing all the possible driver:

    Any idea how to select the correct one? I tried a couple random ones, but same problems - Windows installs then crashing on first boot.

  4. Try loading the drivers from the sub-folder named x64 instead of the main folder named Chipset_Intel_9.0.0.1008_Vistax64. That should reduce the list of drivers shown.
  5. Tried that but there is only one driver in the x64 folder and windows never shows it in the list even if I select to show all drivers. Thx!
  6. Sorry, I don't know which of those drivers you need to fix your problem.
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