~ What is the best way to record video games on PC? ~

Hello Community!

I have a few questions to ask about recording software and recording in general. I am not on an amazing system, but am on one which can handle recording and I plan to upgrade later... Here is what I am running on...

I have 3 Laptops and I wish to use these to record, while I play the games on my other PC.

(This is the one I plan to play the games on)
Intel Core i5 2nd or 3rd Gen Dual Core @ 2.5GHz
AMD Radeon HD 7670M & Intel HD Graphics 4000
HDD - 500GB

Is there a way to record my display, from the other PC so it is not using hardware and wasting valuable resources?

If I can not do this, what would be the best way to keep performance, and still record video games.
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    The best way is to buy a capture card. You can find one that connects to a different computer or one that is internal.
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