Will G3220 bottleneck a gtx 760

Will the g3220(two cores running at 3ghz) bottleneck a gtx 760, if so can you recommend a better cpu? I dont really want to spend over $375 for the cpu and gpu.
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  1. 2 core is not enough for the newest games so in a sense yes it will do fine in single threaded games though.
  2. Thank you, what cpu do you think I should get then? I dont really want to spend $170 on a i5. Would a fx 6300 bottleneck it?
  3. a fx6300 with a gtx760 would be a nice combo. also look at the prices of a fx8320 and the hd7950 in your country, they would be a good option too.
  4. FX 6300 is a good budget choice because it will handle multithreaded games better.,3106-3.html
    Would be my choice for a budget build.
  5. What is faster the hd 7950 or the gtx 760? In the US the 7950 is $20 more is that worth is? Can many games use NVIDIA PhysX?
  6. What is a good budget motherboard for the fx 6300? For $10 more I could get a i3 4130 is it worth it? I dont know how to overclock so I dont think I will overclock the 6300.
  7. No its not worth the 20$. A good board would be the gigabyte 970-ud3 or the Asus m5a97 r2.0. If you don't want to over clock you could also stick to something like a as rock 970 pro3
  8. Thanks what about the i3 4130?,3106-3.html here it says it faster and its only $10 more.
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    The i3 isn't really faster, the benches there are Intel favoured, cause sc2 and skyrim only use 2 cores and AMD is lagging behind in single core performance. If you look at a crysis 3 bench, the fx will be a way faster
  10. Ok the fx 6300 looks a lot better than, how does it do with rendering? Is there any site/video that shows you how to overclock?
  11. Rendering is amds strongest part, it will blow away the i3.
    For over clocking, I think there are even tutorials in this forum, otherwise there are tons of how to s out there
  12. Awesome, thank you for replying so quick! Will a Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO be a good cpu cooler for overclocking?
  13. Yes, its a nice one.
  14. How do you know what motherboard you can overclock with?
  15. Basicly you can over clock with any AMD board and a unlocked CPU, but you need a board with strong vrms that are able to handle the additional power that is needed for the over clock. Just stick with the two I recommended you.
  16. Ok thanks.
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