Help me please. My PC keeps freezing and my 16gb ram is only at 3.20gb

I recently reformated my PC and every since I did my PC keeps on freezing at any given time... I reinstalled windows two times now and still the same problem... I also checked my ram I have 16gb installed but only 3.2gb usable(everything was fine before reformating the first time)... It's driving me crazy it's problems after problems... Here are my specs :

ASUS M5a97 r2.0
AMD FX(tm)-6100 Six-Core Processor 3.30GHz(but in my BIOS it says i'm running 3.6-3.9)
Vengeance CORSAIR 2x8GB DDR3 2133MHz(it says only 3.20GB usable)
Windows 8 32bit system x64 based processor
nVidia GeForce 560TI
XFX Pro550W
Adata SSD 120gb(my disk is half-full)

Only thing installed on my computer is Tera ONLINE, League of legends and McAfee
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    you have 32bit OS. It can only address 4gb of RAM total. Your video card is probably 512 or 768mb ram, minus 4GB is about 3.2GB

    You bought the wrong OS.
  2. Oh okay thx! but what about the freezing??
  3. I did a driver check and I updated everything but when I want to upgrade Standard SATA AHCI controller it's not working... could that be the problem?
  4. Could be freezing because it's having a hard time using 4GB of a 8GB chip. I'm not sure if modern memory is interleaved or whatever, but an 8GB chip needs 64bit addressing to even access that 8GB and if your PC is only trying to allocate 3.2GB of it, it's going to have a weird time trying to access it properly. If you have a 4GB chip, you could test and see if that's the problem or borrow one but I bet it's once it gets past a certain level, it's crashing due to conflict with only a 32bit OS.
  5. Ok I will find a x64 bit iso and re-install again hoping it will work. Because I used to run 64bit before this.
  6. And by ISO I hope you mean buying the OS from a store...
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