how to transfer data between pc HDD and external HDD

i have a broken desktop with a seagate barracuda 7200.10 320gb HDD, how can i transfer the contents to my maxtor 320gb external HDD
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  1. Obtain a USB SATA dock or cable. Connect just like an external drive. Transfer as necessary.
  2. You cannot transfer directly from the HDD to the external, you will need access to a pc.
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    Obtain another desktop, hook the HDD into a free SATA port and external to a USB port. Copy everything over as normal.

    If you have a laptop or otherwise cant access the guts of the machine, get something like this.
    Hook up your desktop HDD to it and plug into the laptop via USB, as well as your external HDD. They should both appear as external drives to the machine, transfer as normal.
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