Weird Frame Rate Problem with AMD 7970

Card - AMD Sapphire 7970
So I have a really weird issue when I am playing games on my comp. The most recent game ive been playing is Batman. When I play the game, I use a controller. Everything is fine for about five minutes after turning on the game, then suddenly the frame rate drops and everything is unbearably choppy. Normally, I'd think something is overheating blah blah blah, but as soon as I move my mouse, everything goes back to normal. This isn't just for this game, it happens for every game I have. Also, another side note this happens too when I just leave my computer on the desktop. The fan on my GPU starts going extremely fast and the heat spikes on it. As soon as I move my mouse, once again, everything goes back to normal. Worse comes to worse ill have to use my mouse for the game which isn't all that bad, but was just wondering if anyone heard of anything like and how to fix it.

I've reinstalled drivers, cleaned the card out of all the dust, and even put it in the other graphics card slot on my sabertooth
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  1. How hot does it get?
  2. When I'm just sitting on the desktop,, it'll get anywhere from 72-75, once I move the mouse it jumps down to mid 40's
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    try removing old drivers with driversweeper, it removes stuff like reg entries the normal driver doesnt remove. then reinstall the latest non-beta driver. check your gpu useage also when the issue happens, i hear the 100% gpu useage amd had a while ago is back in certain configurations. may even be worth trying an older driver.
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