corsair h60 on asus gtx480 question

Hi guys, I have a asus gtx 480 and as many people know it get really hot and loud!

So i have installed a corsair h60 on my gpu. H60 block didnt fit right on the gpu so I had to remove the whole cover and heatsink and use zipties to secure the h60 block (as seen in the pictures). The overall temp dropped about 15 degree on idle and load. its about 40 degree on idle and 60ish on load.

After all the installation was done, I was very satisfied with the temp and noise level but after touching the gpu board itself, it was really hot; especially the area where the gpu ram's are located.
Is it normal for the board to be this hot?? I am using a asus amartdoctor to see the gpu temp but I am guessing it only shows the temp for the core chipset; not the gpu as a whole.

Please let me know if you guys think it is safe for me to keep this setup.

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  1. You dont have any memory cooling heatsinks or VRM heatsinks.
  2. ehh i have no clue what those are. Are they necessary??
  3. AceQ said:
    ehh i have no clue what those are. Are they necessary??

    I mean those do get hot also, I removed my 7970 DC2's cooler and found that my VRMs and Mem had pads on them.

    As you can see, memory and power delivery is cooled.
  4. arent those just thermal tapes??

    would these work for cooling my mem and vrms ??
  5. This is what you need to cool a GTX 480 but then you would need a reservoir, pump, 240mm radiator, fittings, tubing and 2 fans.

    So I would strongly recommend an upgrade instead to a EVGA GeForce GTX 760 FTW 4GB and save yourself a lot of trouble.
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