Two wireless cards available to laptop at the same time, can they be used simultaneously?

I bought a usb wifi dongle for my new desktop build, so I plugged it into my laptop for testing.

It then registered in Windows 7 that I was connected to my router's 5 ghz band via the usb dongle and to the regular band via my laptop's wifi card.

What happens in that situation? Do the two cards work in tandem to speed up downloads?

Is it possible to have both wifi cards connected to the same (regular) band? Would that accomplish anything? Thanks.
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  1. I wouldn't recommend it since the signal could be interfering with each other. Unless it is dual-Ethernet connection, dual wireless connection won't achieve any improvement.
  2. I've been in the same situation myself and wondered as well.. I don't believe that interference with one another's signal will be an issue in any way that it's commonly thought of, especially when one is on the 2.4 wavelength and the other is on the 5.. Even if they were to be on the same wavelength, I don't see "mid-air" interference being a huge concern simply due to the every day normality of multiple devices sharing the same network and signal type all around us every day, and as far as your access point knows they might as well be two different devices because both the card and dongle will have independent MAC addresses. So on that end you should be fine. There does seem to (at least in my experience) be a bit of a loss of stability to the connection when doing this, and my assumption is it has something to do with the packets not always coming in the door they left so to speak, because your access point may see 2 devices and alot addresses and packets appropriately, your new app that a 14 year old built for a school project last year I assure you does not, and is most likely chucking packets like frisbees out any hole he can find.. What the solution to all this I believe is something called "load balancing". Think of it as a personal assistant handling and sorting the mail coming in from 2 mailboxes simultaneously.. Making sure all is addressed properly, spreading the workload out as evenly as possible, and making sure they're working together instead of against each other. So yeah, do some search engine work on load balancing and you should be good
  3. Update... Thank you very much for reigniting my curiosity on the matter. I had some free time this afternoon and a couple quick inquiries bore fruit for us both. I got lucky and the hypothesis proved not only functional, but current in the form of a program for Windows that (from what I'm reading) walks you through the process with a simple UI and even has a free version available. (YaY) Connectify Dispatch is it's name, and hopefully it does what it, and everyone else, says it does. Have a good one!
  4. If I am supposed to label this as solved or anything along those lines I must apologize as it's my first day here and I do not see the logical "next click" so to speak. If you're reading this and you know how, label it. Thank you lol
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