R9 280x display problem

Hi guys! I bought a brand new ASUS radeon r9280x this week to replace my old GTX560. Problem is that with the card installed my monitor does not display anything. If I swap out the r9 and install the GTX everything is fine. Even weirder is that when the R9 is installed the computer will turn on but it sounds lime it's not booting, there's no "beep" and if I wait the Windows startip sound does not play either. Honestly I'm kinda lost...
Any help will be greatly apreciated.

Mobo - p67a-c43 b3
Proc - i5 2500k
Windows 7 64bit
PSU - antec 620w
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  1. sounds kinda like a bad card to me.
  2. Damn, that would really suck... :/

    Is there a sure way to check if it's a bad card?
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    try it in another system to test it. it could be seated incorrectly, or you might have forgotten to connect the power supply to the gpu. but considering you have a gtx560 there that works with your system, i doubt either of those to be the case, which is why i figured it might be a bad card.
  4. Alright, thanks for your help!
  5. maybe too late: i had the same problem. a bios-update for the mobo fixes the problem
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