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How do I transfer pictures from my camera to email and facebook?
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  1. You just create an album with the images for Facebook or attach them to emails.

    Some cameras have software to transfer images(non UMS) other's you just copy + paste the images to a location on your system or just upload them right off the camera/memory card.
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    Is your camera a digital camera, and assuming it is, do you have a cable to connect it to your computer? If so, then you can also upload them to facebook and send via email.

    First you need to transfer the files from your camera to your computer. When you do, remember where you saved the pictures on your hard drive.

    To upload to facebook:

    Click on add photos/video, then 'upload photos/video'. This will automatically open your windows file explorer. Scroll/click your way to the pictures you just saved on your hard drive.

    To upload to email is basically the same idea. It will depend on what software you use for your email so I can't give you step by step, but basically, there will be an option to 'attach a file' to your email. That's what you want. Click it, then using the windows explorer screen, find the picture you want to attach, hit ok, and it will be attached to your email.

    Sorry if this was too basic, or too complicated. I don't know your level of knowledge of computers. I hope this helps!
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