AMD R9 270X or Nvidia GTX 760, can't decide

Hello all! im going to buy a new graphic card, my budget is 200$-250$, my first choice is AMD R9 270X, considering the price point and performance i get, but my friend tell me i should go with GTX 760 which 50$ more expensive, if i get Nvidia i can use PhysX, but is That the big deal?? help me decide which card i must buy, AMD with similiar performance for 50$ cheaper or Nvidia with PhysX for 50$ more expensive??:??:
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  1. 760 performs way better. The 270x is just a re-branded 7870.
  2. If you want to use NVIDIA tech such as GPU recordings(A tech that records gameplay but does not hinder FPS performance) or their new G-sync, which is basically what they claim to have solve monitor refresh rate thus would not cause tearing.

    PhysX is a marketing gimmick which would not really change your gameplay experience unless you like to see more random particles thrown in.

    With AMD, there is this new tech which is MANTLE. What they claim is a low-level API which could utilize their GCN architecture better than OpenGL and DirectX. Which translate to better in game performances where game such as BF4 are supported.

    So according to your needs, recordings and screen tearing or better in game performances. Personally, those 2 cards performances are mirror images of each other. Just which technology each offers appeals to you more.
  3. The gtx 760 gets more frames in crysis 3, and its overall stats are better. Nvidia's Physx is only on a handful of games, so it isn't too useful.

    Nvidia's Physx is only on a handful of games, so it isn't too useful.
  4. here are some comparisons. The R9 270X should be a rebranded HD 7870. " class="img lazy">
  5. I would recommend a Gtx 760! i have 1 and it runs like a beast!
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