Asus sabertooth z77 fan and usb problems

1: i got asus ai suite 2 installed and it has gbeen giving me big problems, both with false warnings of voltage and sometimes my pc shuts down cause of it, so i tried to uninstall it but it wont get uninstalled cause the asus uninstaller can't find anything to uninstall, and therefore im stuck with that program, and also cause of that garbage, the support fans on the armor has stopped working and if i play anything on it im afraid that it will die of heat..

2: The usb 3.0 ports on the motherboard over the ethernet port wont work, or they can power up the things i connect to it, it's just that windoes cannot register them..

So what can i do to fix theese 2 problems?
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  1. 1 you can always reinstall the OS if it does not uninstall
    2 Is everything USB related enabled in UEFI/BIOS?
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