my new gaming pc rig need help

Im building a new gaming rig because i want to to upgrade from my old pc i think its a 2008 pc..

Here's the list of he components that i want to buy:

Processor: i5 4570. - im not getting the k version becuase im not into overclocking.

Motherboard: asrock h87 fatality - im torn between this one or the z87 extreme 4 could give an opinion.

Ram: corsair vengeance 4gbx2 1600 cl9

Videocard: inno3d ichill gtx 760/770 - im chossing between the two because i have a 1336x768 resolution for monitor.

Psu: corsair rm750w - i dont know if i need this higher wattage for a cpu, im just makimg sure not to have a problem with the power delivery.

Case: NZXT Phantom full tower color white

Cpu cooler: cooler master hyper 212x -im just making sure that my system will not have hightemps because im living in philippines and its hot here.

Suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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  1. For the CPU you can take "i5 4670" it has higher clock rate, for the video card you can take Radeon R9 280X it's a bit faster and cheaper for PSU RM 750 would be great. Other thing looks good if you not overclock your CPU!
  2. Does the powercolor r9 280x is better than the inno3d gtx 770 ichill? Keep that in mind that im usong a 720p monitor not the full hd one.. and for the mobo is it ok to select an h87 or should igo with z87 extreme 4 even if im not overclocking and my proc that i choose is a non k version..
  3. I would get a 7950 if I were you. A 770/280x would be overkill for that resolution. A 660 or 650 Ti would probably work nicely for you. The 7950 is cheaper than the 760 and performs on the same level. Also, unless you tend to SLI, which I don't see why you would need to unless you get 1440p or multiple displays, you can save some money and get a 600W PSU that will work just fine, even if you're set on the 770 or 280x.
  4. The R9 280X will be overkill for your monitor and some future proof for games and higher resolution monitors like 1920x1080, 1920x1200 even bigger ones, for motherboard i prefer z87 because z87 has more features then h87 and better quality because overclocking needs good CPU phases other things will be good
    P.S. think about getting full hd monitor i also want get 23 Inch monitor to replace my old 17inch
  5. I will upgrade my monitor in the future for a 1080p monitor so is it ol to get a r9 280x or gtx 770?
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    r9 280x is cheaper and almost as much powerfull as gtx770...
    for the psu you can save some money and get 650w model of corsairs RM made by CWT
    with better caps used in comparison to 750w model made by different manufacturer...
    other options would be to get rosewill capstone M650w or seasonic G 650w
  7. thanks for the answers.
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