Should I cancel order "used gigabyte 7950 180 bucks amazon"

Idk I never bought a used gpu I been looking at deals every day and I don't exactly need the card right now and maybe the price will drop idk if I get a warranty I don't get 3 free games but those games are cheap anyways eh. Is this a bad buy or do you think this gigabyte is solid and I won't ever need a warranty on it?? Idk if this was bad im so nervous =/
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  1. Eh me personally i don't buy used stuff unless i know who it had it before like a friend or something. but gigabyte is a pretty good brand. i've never had any issues with them.
  2. But do you think I should cancel because I guess the voltage is locked...
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    If you don't plan on overclocking then the voltage lock doesn't matter. If you want to over click then yea cancel
  4. Its used? If it is used and you the owner is a reliable computer company keep it.

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