I need guidance upgrading my gaming PC

When I built my first gaming PC a year and a half ago, I turned to these amazing forums for advice. I've recently come into some money, so I'm looking to improve. I'm paranoid about buying the wrong parts, so I need you guys to help me. The current gaming rig is as follows:

Video Card:
Hard Drive:

I'm assuming that the CPU is first priority. I've been eyeballing the Intel Core i7, but there are multiple versions and I'm not sure which one I should get. I'm not even sure if that's the best choice. Should I just pick one and go with it?

I'm also assuming the video card is second priority. Browsing Newegg didn't turn up any cards that looked that much better than what I already have. (That I could tell) Am I good with what I have?

Tom's Hardware has been good to me, so I'm hoping for another assist. I appreciate your help!
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  1. Getting an i7 is largely pointless, the Hyperthreading it has over an i5 makes no real impact in games. I would upgrade your chip to something like a Core i5-3470. Make sure your board's BIOS has been updated, otherwise it wont support the Ivy Bridge chip.

    Whether its worth upgrading the GPU over something else depends on whether your satisfied with its performance. If all you play is WoW, it will do fine and you would be better off sinking your cash elsewhere. If your looking at something like Crysis 3, yea you would want a stronger card.
    Which one to get depends on your budget.

    Other places to sink your cash.
    - An SSD boot/programs drive would be a good start. That would significantly increase how fast the computer feels to use.
    - Cooling/case, long term items that you can carry across rigs.
  2. agree on a faster true quad core or even an i7 with the multi thread capabilities. An SSD is something to consider but not an absolute. your video card should be good enough for a while longer.
  3. If you are comfortable with your current graphics level,then by all means,that can remain as it is. I mean,graphics performance is subjective.What you find adequate might not be so for another person. Something to keep in mind.
  4. Good to know about the i5 vs i7 thing. The main thing that I wanted to play (at the moment) was Batman: Arkham Origins, which I would like to play smoother. So now I'm thinking i5. If the Ivy Bridge requires an updated BIOS, I'll need someone to point me in the right direction. (Pretend I'm ignorant).

    The SSD idea intrigues me. Now, I have never dealt with the SSDs before, although I do know what they are. I would assume I'd need around a 64GB drive? I only have 1 sata3 left on the motherboard, so...

    Newegg suggests this one:

    What do you think?
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    - Download the v2.40 BIOS from here.
    - Put it on a USB thumb drive.
    - Restart machine, but before it can boot get into the BIOS.
    - Set the boot order to boot off the USB first, then boot
    - Follow whatever it tells you from there.

    I recommend getting 128GB for an OS/Programs drive, you run out of room far too quickly on a 64GB.
    Thats an mSATA drive, which pretty much only laptops support. I suggest you use this drive.
  6. Thanks. As always, you guys are a big help.
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