What is the best graphics card to max out all the modern games at 1024 by 768 ?

What is the best graphics card to max out all the modern games at 1024 by 768 ? (Also do include upcoming ones). I was considering a used radeon hd 7970 for 229 dollars. (getting shipped to india). But thought, why to overkill if do not require. I just want to pass out ps4 anyway and max out all pc games. Which graphics card is the best for that resolution ??
Other Decided PC Specs :
AMD FX 8350 4gb ddr3 ram asus m5a78mlx v2 motherboard corsair cx450 psu 160gb laptop sata2 hard drive.
ANy help please ?
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  1. Pretty much anything mid-range and above, so if its above a HD7850/R7-260X (AMD) or a GTX660 (Nvidia) then your good. That HD7970 will obliterate anything you throw at it on a resolution like that.
  2. About the GPU I would say the same as manofchalk. The PSU seems a bit low, I recommend a minimum 550 w or 600 watt. I would get 8 gb ram just to be futureproof.
  3. i think you should go with a high mid range gpu like 7870 or 660ti then grab a new monitor at least with 1366x768. these two gpu easily handle any game at high setting.
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    Whatever card gets about 24.32 fps to 34.39 fps at 1920x1080 will get about 64.00 fps to 90.50 fps at 1024x768.
    It depends on the game(s) in question, their settings, etc.

    Basically about 38% of a good GPU will give good performance at that lower resolution, it also helps that it is only a 4:3 aspect ratio since this means less work for the GPU.

    Laptop GPU's use this approach, as 1366x768 is a lot less work than say 1920x180 (for example).
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