[HELP!] Windows 8.1 Clean Install problem (driver not found)

Hi people, I need some help with clean installation of Windows 8.1 on my PC.

I have created Windows 8.1 installation file on my USB Flash Drive using the genuine Windows 8.1 installation media creation method. After restarting my PC and booting from the USB Flash Drive, I got to a screen to select language and subsequently selected Install Now. That was where the problem arise. There was a popup saying that there's no device driver found. So I browsed to my external harddisk where I saved the files of Rapid Storage Technology RAID Driver. It seemed that there is no driver that is compatible with my computer's hardware as I could see a full list of Intel Drivers after I unchecked "Hide drivers that aren't compatible with the computer's hardware"

My computer is running on Windows 8.1, upgraded from Windows 8 which is upgraded from Windows XP. I would like to do a clean installation now. I am using a 9 years old HP A1085D desktop with Intel 915 Express Chipset. I have ran the Intel Driver Update Utility, and everything is at the latest version. Can anyone help?
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    Windows 8 would have been using the old XP drivers in compatibility mode, so on a clean 8.1 install, they wouldn't be there.
  2. Is there any way I can fix this?
  3. Yeah- buy Mac. lol. Just kidding. I attempted to update my 2006 and 2008 computers to Win 8 and it failed the "Update Advisor" check, saying- something I can not remember. But yours worked with Win. 8... I was trying to save my 9 years computer just like you, but eventually I built new one and it is totally different experience. You may consider new build at this time.
  4. Yes, I am already in the process of building one. But since the current one is still usable, I thought it would be good to improve its usability.
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