lost space on hard disk after reset

before i reset my pc i had 500 gb hard disk now i have 100 gb
and its a windows 7 hp
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  1. Explain what you mean by "reset". What did you actually do to it - factory restore?

    Look in the Disk Management console and see what partitions and/or unallocated space is shown for that disk, together with their respective sizes. Post that information.
  2. i did a factory restore and in the
  3. Control Panel > Admin Tools > Computer Management

    Disk Management is on the left panel of the console.
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    Okay, thanks for that.

    It shows that there is 527 GB of "unallocated space" on that hard disk (the shaded area). That's where your "missing space" is.
    You need to right-click on that shaded area and choose "Create new simple volume".
    When the volume has been created, right-click on it again and choose "Format".

    When formatting is complete you will have a new drive-letter in Windows Explorer for that new volume. You can store files on it or install applications on it, just like you do on the C: drive.

    If Windows won't let you do anything with that shaded area (menu options are greyed out), you will have to boot your computer from a partition management disc which is free from here:

    That boot disc allows you to bypass Windows restrictions because Windows won't be running.
  5. thank you so much your the best
  6. Wicked. Glad you got it sorted out.
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