MSI vs ASUS DC2T vs ASUS DC2T V2 R9 280X ?

Ok , so I am building new PC with red and black theme with the new R9 280X . Beside the looks , I also want good performance . Because new amd cards work better when they are cool , what is best cooler from this three options and is there any difference in cooling between 2 and 3 slot ASUS cards ?
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    The Asus cards are better, I went with the CU TOP, (2 slot) which runs very cool, the Matrix (the 3 slot) is closcked higher out of the box, and is suppose to OC better and higher, it has beefed up cooling (haven't touched one yet, but if like the 7950 and I think it is, should run very cool also)....Either of the Asus GPUS would be a great choice, the MSI I wouldn't touch, poor QC
  2. I've had MSI r9 280x for a week. The performance was satisfying but OC limit was lower than expected(1145/1600) and FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE DAT COIL WHINE!!!!!!!!! That high pitch noise just pierced through my brain and gave me nasty migraine as well as ear ringing. I've RMA'd the card for replacement but then I read other reviews complain about the whine, so I changed it to refund and ordered ASUS card. It will be delivered on this wed so i'll post an update when it arrives.
  3. That's I think the fourth one I've heard about doing that
  4. Asus card was delivered. It's perfect:) No coil whine! Although it runs warmer than MSI(4~5 degree high), I'll take that over coil whine anytime.
  5. Have fun !
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