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I'm looking for a laptop motherboard that could be used as a basis of a custom build. The ideal mobo would be as small and rectangular as possible and provide standard slots/sockets for current generation mobile Haswells, couple of DDR3 SODIMMs, mSATA SSD and wireless card, plus the usual ports. Other than that, further extensibility isn't really needed. As far as I know such generic mobos do not exist and hence I guess it's a matter of trying to find an existing laptop model that would contain something close to that I could buy as a spare part. Any suggestions?
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  1. In German, but you get the idea:
  2. noidea_77 said:
    In German, but you get the idea:

    Thanks but those do not quite fit my needs. Even the thin mini-itx height of 2.5cm is too much and those do not enable the use of mobile Haswells.
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