Does this card run 3 or 4 monitors?

Hello World,
I was looking to get the HIS HD Radeon 7770 Ghz Edition ( but I wanted to know how many monitors it can actually support. If you look at the overview on ( it says you can "expand your gaming across up to three monitors". however, it then proceeds to show a sticker that says it can run up to 4 monitors. I need to know if it can really run 4 or only 3.

Thanks for everyone's help
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    It should be able to power 4 monitors in Windows, but if you plan on gaming on multiple monitors with eyefinity, this card can only do 3. Although that is a bit moot, because this card doesn't quite have the power necessary to power more than 1 monitor on modern games unless the resolution per monitor is low.

    UPDATE: Actually, AMD says you can do 6 gaming, with additional adapters from miniDP to dual DVI or HDMI outs. BUT, you need a reference card. If you plan on doing this, make sure you check to see if the card you are about to purchase is a reference design or not.
  2. It should do three or four. To use anything over two you'll need those active mDP to DVI adapters.

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