Computer restarting when playing high graphic games

My computer is restarting after just 20-40 minutes while playing games on high graphic settings, but it seems fine on the mid to low graphic settings. At first I thought it was a heat issue, but after running CPUID several times in the background, I'm not getting over 54C on the CPU and nothing over 65C on the GPU. I've downloaded the newest Nvidia drivers and the company I bought the computer from sent me a new GPU thinking that the first one may have been damaged in shipping. When that didn't work, they had me send the whole computer back which took almost 3 weeks to get back. They replaced the MB. All of the components look good, but I am concerned that there may be a PSU issue, as in maybe this one isn't providing enough power to the GPU when the games are on high settings. The two games are Guild Wars 2 and Planetside 2. Also, if I go for like 30 minutes and it restarts, then it's much more likely to restart within the first few minutes if I start one of those games up again. Thank you for any help.

CPU: i5 4670K
GPU: Nvidia GTX780 MSI
PSU: Azza Dynamo 850watt
OS: Windows 7
RAM: Corsair 8gb (x2) Vengeance
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    Yes, it most certainly is the PSU fault. It probably overheats and shuts itself down. If you reboot and play a game again it will overheat faster and shut down faster.

    Replace this PSU immediately. It is a very low quality unit, known to be problematic and even explode ;). How could you buy it for such a fine rig in the first place?
  2. Thank you so much man. It was just a stupid mistake. I bought the rig from Ibuypower because I got lazy and didn't want to build it myself. Thank you for the answer. I was pretty sure this was it and after I posted this, I checked out some reviews of that PSU and wanted to slam my head into the wall, but lessons learned I suppose.
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