can my pc able to run far cry 3

can my pc able to run far cry 3 on ultra settings
my specs
fx 8320 3.5 ghz
4gb ddr3 ram
radeon hd 5970
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  1. maybe on lower settings. your video card is a bit outdated and on the low end. ram is also only 4gb, i like 8gb for gaming nowadays. can try though and see. lol.
  2. Ultra no way maybe low-mid that would be about it. The GPU is on the low side now and the ram is to low. Ram would be better at 8gig for gaming.
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    Please note that the 5970 is a dual GPU which performs on par with the 7950 and is no way low end. My 5 year old GTX 260 is able to play Far Cry 3 at med-high (low shadows) settings around fairly smoothly. Add another 4gb of ram and you should be fine, the 5970 should be able to pull off ultra on Far Cry 3, if not then high-very high shouldn't be a problem

    Check this GPU hierarchy chart from Tom's,3107-7.html
  4. dude i ran it with a 2 gb of ram and a intel hd chipset with 2.6 ghz of intel core 2 duo and with these settings surely u can play it at medium settings
  5. You're definitely looking at High settings there.
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