IS 2GB VRAM enough for next gen?

Just asking out of curiously. BF4 sparked my interest on the subject, seeing as how the recommended VRAM is 4GB, obviously it's not going to use that much. I expect it to use around 3 gigs. What I'm worried about though, is BF4 is very early on into the next gen. Should we expect more and more games to recommend 4GB until 2GB is outdated or do you not think that it's probable.

I'm one of those people who like to completely max my games, I feel like I'll have to end up replacing my 2GB GTX 760 soon.
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    It should be fine on 1080P for a while. Higher res needs more Vram to turn up AA levels and so on.
  2. the game is played with 760 with ultra detailes.
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