Is installing games on a HDD a bad idea?

I'm building my PC next week, and I ordered a really small SSD (120 GB) because of my budget. I also have a 2tb 7200rpm Hard Drive, is this sufficient for gaming?
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    The only difference you would see if you install the games on the SSD would be the loading time.
  2. It's fine to install game on the HDD. I have all my games on a 1tb HDD :p
  3. As midnightsoul said, all putting games on an SSD will do is reduce loading times, it will not increase FPS or game stability.
  4. yep, the vast majority of people I know all install the games on their mechanical hard drives. if this PC is soley for gaming then you could try fitting a couple of regularly used games and have the rest on the 2TB drive.
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