GTX 590 Overheating, help me please.


I have an Asus GTX 590. The card idles at 80 degrees. I'm getting 100 celsius playing Crysis 3 on high settings. Same goes for Battlefield 3 on Ultra. I cleaned the GPU fan and nothing changed :( My case has a pretty good airflow. I just have no idea why the card is running really hot. I get pretty good frames in first 2-3 minutes of games but later fps drops to 20-30 average.

I can't play any games anymore. Please help me.

Thanks in advance!
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  1. Please guys I need urgent help. I'm so afraid of frying my GPU right now. :(
  2. Try using EVGA precision to increase fan speed. It will increase voltage and watt power.
  3. hi i also do have one gtx 590 classified edition .
    try to use evga precision for tuning the graphic cards performance and fan control.
    surely u will get something out of it
  4. if its idling at 80 then you have a blockage in the fan path. take the shroud off and clean thoroughly
  5. ^+1
    And if you know how it might be a good idea to strip the cooler off compleately and replace the thermal paste, some types go hard and loose their thermal properties over time.
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