First PC build help. Mid budget. Advice and suggestions needed.

Im building my first ever PC but the prices of the components are really high. Need your advice.
Could anyone post a build thats cheap relatively around 700-800 pounds . And the build has to have a GTX 770 in it. trying to make my pc last long (: Thanks !
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  1. This is the build i would go for,
    right up to the max.:D

    Not a gtx 770,but an amd R9280X,if you really want the gtx 770 look here,
    i did put a ssd in there which is very nice addition,but you could loose that to buy the gtx 770.
    The case is something you should look for yourself,it's a taste thing.It's noy mine either,but it came quite good out of a review i read and it's very gamy (can i say that?).

    Well,just look at it and if there's something that needs to be changed you could do it yourself or someone here can probabloy do it and probably there will be more builds offered by others so you don't necessarily have to go for it.
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