Games motion judder at 30fps and LED TVs?

Hello folks!

I'd like to ask you something that intrigues me for a long time now, sorry if this sounds like a stupid question.

I have recently bought an Xbox360 (and sold a powerful gaming pc, whatever the reason) and naturally renewed my experience with 30fps cap known with most of the pc consoles games.

I have tried many top-tier LED TVs from different brands but i'm witnessing severe motion judder (when moving the camera the environnement fastly repeats itself like 3 or 4 times, but hey, you already kno what judder means right :)).

So my question is: is this kind of judder inevitable with 30fps? is some TVs better than the other for handling/reducing this kind of motion phenomenom? at some point, is the response time of the panel that important knowing that judder will always be present? I know that the 120Hz crap is just a marketing gimmick so no need to talk about it :)

Thanks a lot for your anwers, i'm really for your knowledge brothers and sisters ;)
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  1. That kind of judder is, yes, inevitable on old consoles and tvs.

    However, I must say, that 120Hz is no gimmick, as long as you have something that can take advantage of the refresh rate.
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