How do I know if my power supply is compatible with my motherboard?

Okay, so I really want this graphics card, but I am pretty sure that I am going to need a new power supply to power it. I was thinking about maybe a Corsair 430 watt. But I need to know if there could be a problem with compatibility with my motherboard. the biggest problem is I don't know what my motherboard is! I bought it from BestBuy and it didn't say in the pc specs! All help appreciated.
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  1. Most motherboards are either micro-ATX or ATX, which any ATX power supply will work with. That said, if you can tell me the model of PC you bought from Best Buy, then I can probably find out what motherboard you have just to be sure.

    On a side note, just to be sure you have enough power for your new video card, tell me what model you are thinking of getting so I can tell you if a 430W PSU is going to be enough. Some cards require more than that.
  2. Check if the PSU has compatible motherboard power connector pins and CPU power connector pins. I would also check to see if the PSU will fit inside the case.
  3. what video card are you thinking on buying?
  4. try this to calculate your power supply unit .
  5. This is the video card that I am thinking about. (I'm just going to copy and paste) ASUS 2GB GDDR5 DIGI+ VRM technology Graphics Cards HD7770-2GD5 by Asus.
  6. By the way, I know that it says my processor is an AMD FX 4100 but when I go into my pc settings and stuff it says that I have an AMD FX 4300.
  7. The AMD site for that card states that the minimum PSU required is a 500W, and a 600W if you intend to do Crossfire. I would suggest going with the 600W to give yourself a little room to grow in the case that you decide to upgrade some other components later on. Any ATX PSU should work, but I don't recommend going with the cheapest one you find because inferior parts used in cheaper PSUs can cause damage to your system if they fail. Read the article linked below for more information.,2916.html
  8. Okay, thanks for the help!
  9. No problem :)
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