Flash does not work properly in Windows 8.1

Anyone else with Windows 8.1 having problems with flash?
My problems is flash games will just be a black screen and Youtube clips will not play at all or play for a few seconds and then get stuck.
This happens in both Internet Explorer and FireFox. FireFox is a lot worst, while Internet Explorer is slightly working, but flash is still having some glitches.
One workaround I've found on the net was to disable GPU acceleration. I've tried that, it works to some point, but still, majority of the flash contents does not seem to work properly.
I've done format and clean install multiple times, that didn't help.
And I've never had this flash problem with Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 Preview.
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  1. The problem is probably.... FLASH.... the biggest cause of issues EVER.

    Sorry, I know this isn't much help. Just had to vent about Flash.
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