black screen blinking line in left corner windows 7 lenovo

Hello. I need some help
Lenovo laptop z565
windows 7
shows lenovo screen then goes to black screen with a blinking cursor in the left corner
no cursor movement
safe mode does not work
no options on booting up work
ctl+alt+delete does not bring up a task window
i tried to run a cd and the computer will not run it -- i do not know how to force it to run

I am not sure what my next step should be
How can i get this to reboot WITHOUT losing all of my pictures, data, etc on my computer?
Is that still possible?

I appreciate any help!
Thank you!!
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  1. p.s.
    I can get to the blue repair screen and the cursor will move.
    if i ctl=alt=delete it will either do nothing or just restart from the lenovo screen and then back to the black screen.
    thanks again
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