How to backup hard drive data if i dont have another hard drive?

How do i backup hard drive data if i dont have another hard drive? I am sending my laptop for repair and they told me to backup the data, but i dont know how to.
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    If you have a dvd burner you can use it to backup the drive. A 100 pk of blank dvd's typically can be had for $20-25 and would give you just over 450gb capacity. Pla on spending alot of time doing this.

    Windows has built in utilities for creating a backup or a system image and can be found by clicking start and searching for 'backup' and clicking on 'Backup and Restore' from the results.

    Alternately you might be able to find a decent deal on a usb external harddrive. Check your local store sales ads. 500gb is available locally here for $60, 1tb for 90 and 2tb for $100
  2. You can find a desktop to store your important data, but you will have to pull out the laptop's HDD/SSD, and have to put it in desktop as a second HDD/SSD to copy data. This way you don't have to burn DVD's or to buy an external drive.
  3. You can back up your data with Drive Cloner RX. It is an imaging software that creates a backup of your data. You can check it out here:
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