So would these parts work properly? is the power supply enough for this? Will everything work properly? (first time build)

So Here are the parts:

For Monitor, I am going to connect it to a LCD tv. Is that OK? Power Supply given by pc part picker is 250w. I just depending on that. Would it be enough. And yeah I haven't bought any of this and am going to buy in about a week. So will it work properly ? And yeah also wanted to ask about the crossfire(dual graphics). I am orderin g the graphic card and everything together. Do I first need to install OS, then install graphic card and then get dual graphics or I can do it directly? this is my first time and I don't know anything about that so please explain. And yeah I'm downloading a bootable windows 7 iso and going to make a bootable USB flash Drive. Can I install it through this?

Thank you for those who reply :)
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  1. Get this case or one similiar as it is $20 more than you current psu with an added 80 watts plus a nice case -
    Also, for an added $10 you can double that 500GB to 1TB or one similiar
    also, unless you plan to upgrade in the future, get 2x2gb ram sticks instead of 1 4gb ram stick, it would be an addedd $5 but should help make a more stable system with dual channel and whatnot.
    Also, downloading a bootable windows 7 iso may or may not work, I have never tried it, but since it is an illegal copy and unregistered you may want to google if this is even possible, it would probably run smoother if you copied it from the usb to a dvd/cd to install it. and dual graphics don't necessarily double your graphics potential, so if you have the money it would be best to get the best graphics card you can afford.
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