Would these parts work properly? is the power supply enough for this? Will everything work properly? (first time build)

Is VS 450 enough for this ? I kept cx 430 in pcpartpicker because it wasn't available there. And How to Crossfire(dual graphics) ? Its my first time. Do I need to install graphic card directly or after installing os ? Please give me detailed instructions. Its my first time.And also I am downloading a windows 7 bootable ISO. Can I make a bootable flash drive through it and then install os on the newly built pc? (this is my old laptop through which I downloaded)
Thank you for those who replied. :)

For cabinets I used A local company which is only availaible In india but has Awesome quality and just about 60 USD .
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  1. Yep a good 450 should be fine
  2. Tradesman1 said:
    Yep a good 450 should be fine

    And what about the other things I asked?
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    Should be able to make a bootable Flash from the download and use it yes, I'd install the GPU after Win is installed
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